Ongoing R&D

Research Managed Epistemology
(as ‘managed languages’ in Software Engineering)
An attempt to redefine Computational Epistemogy as an applied discipline with ‘actionable knowledge’ as a first-class theoretical object, instead of ‘justified true belief’ in the traditional approach, amplifying it with generalized conceptual instrumentation from systems/software engineering, and constructivist/enactivist philosofical foundations.
Mostly in Russian, but few English articles.
Research Model-based Computational Law An attempt to address a range of CL problems with findings from Managed Epistemology. Namely, a projection of Model-Based Systems Engineeing (MBSE) approach onto computational legal field.  Parallels with G.Sileno, P.Gärdenfors, C.Castelfranchi.
R&D NLP instruments for Russian legal Syntactical and semantical NLP instruments for accessing Russian legal text: parsers, syntactic devariation, legal term extractors, taxonomy builders.
Python, C#
Commercial Development Municipal law governance The project to help lawyers (Russian Federation) to audit municipal laws against specific federal regulations and to construct normative acts in compliance with federal requirements.

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